Monday, February 16, 2009

vday is for lovers <3

so here's the story of valentine's day 09! ha! hope ur ready,,,,

I woke up around 11,thanks to hubby letting me sleep in :) ,went downstairs,and gave hubby his presents,a card from the boys and one from me,and a little box of chocolates (funds were limited this year!) and gave the boys their presents,,a couple heart shaped little baskets with silly little books/toys in them and a big thing of bath toys from "cupid". Keith had to show off by giving me a laptop earlier this month <3 Then I made a yummy breakfast of sunny side up eggs, maple-brown sugar glazed bacon,and whole wheat pancakes with heart shaped butter <3 We ate,played with the boys,and cuddled until naptime,,We put Kruise and Noah to bed,"snuggled"hehe,then Keith took a nap,I wanted to,but the boys took turns being aunry,so i gave up,and took a shower instead..Everyone woke up a few hours later,to a yummy early dinner of heart-shaped pizzas with heart shaped cheese and pepperoni,and for kruise heart shaped turkey and brocolli florettes pizza,,we ate,played some more,gave the boys their baths,got them in bed,and then Keith's mom showed up! He surprised me by getting her to come babysit for the night so we could go out and play! woohoo! We ended up going to Dave and Busters,we walked in and looked around,then went to the front to buy coins to play the games,at that time,two cops came in and shut the doors going in or out into the mall and said no one could come in or go out..people and cops were running around all over the place,,we were a little freaked out,and some cool girl that worked there finally told us what happened after some begging :) someone pulled a gun in the food court! WTH! that mall has always been nice,and more of a tourist attraction,so it was a little weird they had all these crazy ghetto people running around in there,,the crowd that night was soo not the norm! well,after THAT excitement, we hit the bar,,I drank 2 of a little concoction called a "walk the plank",and thats exactly what i felt like i did after the first HALF of one! ha! Keith doesnt drink,so im sure i was a fun sight,,we played games and just had fun..we were cuddly and cute like when we first started dating <3 we stayed until about 12:30 am and went by krystals for some good late night food on the way home :) when we finally got home and walked in,two little boys were wide awake! It was 1:00 by then,and these are kids who are NEVER up pat 7:30-8:00 at the latest! Kruise woke up around 11 we found out,and screamed until his granny went and got him,,so he stayed up until we got home,and then passed out,,same with noah! poor gran gran will never come back! We finally got in bed,"snuggled" some more and went to sleep,,,it was a great night!

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