Friday, October 31, 2008

Our First Night Home

we got home yesterday around noon,after spending forever trying to leave the hospital! we got caught up doing Noah's first pictures (which we'll have next week!), his second hearing test (which he failed,but it's normal,,we'll go back in november) and basically just waiting around for discharge stuff..i know noon doesn't sound like "late" but it is when your packed and pacing since 5:30 AM! lol,,i couldnt wait to get home and see kruise and just be home with my family! welll,anyways, we got home,played with kruise,let him see noah(who he does great with already,aside from trying to constantly poke him in the eyes and mouth! lol) ,ate some lunch,fed noah his :) and we all took a good 3 hour nap,,it was great!
we woke up,fed noah again,keiths mom and family stopped by for a few hours,got kruise in bed, fed noah again,i went to bed around 12,,noah slept til 4,ate,and didnt wake up again until i got him up at 8! He did amazing! I just hope he keeps sleeping like this! knock on wood! kruise was a great sleeper too,,i cant be that lucky twice! well,im off to make halloween "pumpcakes" for breakfast,and get ready for pumpkin carving!! Happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

am i at a hospital or a hotel?

things I LOVE about my hospital stay:

ROOM SERVICE,with a nice big menu,and the food is actually really good!

the complimentary 15 minute post-partum massage from a specialist! (hubby doubled it for me which was great! i discovered my back is FULL of knots,,arghhh)

the newly remodeled rooms, complete with pretty dark wood floors,a bigger bed for keith,and a pretty tiled bathroom with a huge shower!

the views of downtown

the awesome staff

now,if I had Kruise and didn't get waken up every 3 hours,stabbed,my hoo-haa looked at, and woken up by 6 AM,i might think about staying,,,

poor pee pee

Noah got circumsized today by my ob/gyn ..he got some new thing called a plastibell,,its pretty nifty! you don't have to use petroleum or gauze,and this ring thing just falls off after a week,and he's good to go! He can even take baths with it..i love new medical advances! lol He did really well,he's just kind of fussy,i think its hurting and he's not sure what to do with himself:( poor lil guy

Noah James Pharris

so we had our baby boy Tuesday morning at 10:56,very unexpectedly! here's the story....i was scheduled for my 36 week appt that morning,so i got up early,took a bath,and sat down to play on the computer and watch some tv before everyone else woke up (luckily keith was home that day to be able to come to our doctor appointment). About that time, i started getting a little crampy,but nothing I really worried about,,I realized this "little cramping" was happening pretty consistently,so i googled a contraction timer,and discovered i was having contractions every 5-6 minutes that were lasting a minute,,hmmm,interesting,,well,I went ahead and made breakfast,woke everyone up,and we went to my cramps started getting a little uncomfortable on the way to the doctor,but i figured i was probably dehydrated or dialated to a 3,MAX..Keith went ahead and called the office and told them what was going on,so we got to go in right when we got there which was nice! My doc checked me,got a goofy look on his face and told us "you're 8 CENTIMETERS!(after checking a few times! :) ) I'm calling Baptist and telling them your on your way,,," We get up to head over ( we had to take the elevator and walk across a skywalk to get there) and he was like "how can you walk??! aren't you in pain!? you're so composed!" lol,,things started moving along even faster after he checked me,because I was fine until we got about half way across the skywalk,,then i started feeling like i was dying! Keith found a nurse as we were trying to book it down the hall,and she dragged me down the hall into a labor and delivery room,sent keith to go sign paperwokr for me,pulled off my clothes, checked me and i was a 10,ready to go! Nurses were running aroud all crazy,basically begging me not to push,shoving ivs in my arm as fast as they could,and calling my doc every few minutes,,they had another doctor in the room on stand-by,but he made it in time! The only thing that saved me from having him on the walk over was my water not breaking,is what i was told! well, i obviously had no time for drugs or an epi, yeah,that was fun! i pushed for maybe 10 minutes or so and he was here! Keith and Kruise were right there with me,which made it amazing! Noah James came into the world weighing 6 lbs 3 oz and he was 19 1/2 inches long with a head full of dark hair,just like his bubba! He is gorgeous and reminds me a LOT of Kruise when he was born,just tiny! He had some fluid in his lungs, which was caused by the fast delivery not giving time to push it out,so he had to go to the NICU for a couple hours,but he's fine! He has a sweet little personality and the tiniest cry. We get to go home tommorrow so we're excited about that! we miss our other little man and can't wait to get home!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

just SHUT UP

I'm preparing you now,,this is a rant about my good ole mom,so if your tired of hearing about her,feel free to skip this blog!
So, I call mom,ask her when she'll be home so dinner will be ready for her and keith,,she tells me what time, so i get everything ready,not like I WANTED to cook tonight,I'm exhausted after not getting in bed until 7 AM,but whatever..Keith had to work late,so I had to entertain and keep an eye on Kruise while cooking,.,no easy task,so I put him in his highchair with a cup of water and let him watch some Tigger and Pooh while I was getting things ready,.he's content,everything's fine,,until mom walks in,,first thing out of her mouth, "why is he all alone in here!?" (like he's roaming around the house unsupervised and playing with light sockets!)i told her i can't get anything done with him crying or getting into something,.so for the first time ever i let him watch tv,,SHOOT ME! After that she starts bitching about how it smells like somethings burning,,i tell her its not,something splattered on the burner,,"well it smells horrible,,what did u do!?"..I only cook every meal for u woman and u act like im incompetent!? then she bitches about how keiths coke exploded on the wall the other day (nice i know, it was frozen) and he didnt do a good enough job cleaning it,and he's lazy,a pain,etc,,i kept my mouth shut.I then procede to open my mail,,she stands behind me and asks me what all this stuff is,i tell her its MY mail,and really none of her business,and she gets mad..then she looms in the kitchen over me eating sh*t out of the fridge,,i told her dinner will be ready in 5,she says she's not hungry and goes to bed,,WTF,I JUST SPENT an HOUR cooking for u and ur going to bed!?I CANT WAIT TO LEAVE THIS PLACE!! im going to give kruise a bath,and then soak in the tub...ughhh

Pumpkin Patch!

We finally went to the pumpkin patch saturday,and it was AWESOME,,aside from kruise being sooo sleepy,we still had fun! We watched a pig race,(which Kruise laughed at),let him pick out a little pumpkin for Noah, went down a HUGE slide(him and daddy),got to look at and pet all kinds of cute and cuddly farm animals,played with pumpkins,and basically just played for a few hours! They had a HUGE sand pit with all these tonka trucks to play in,but Kruise was just too out of it,,there's always next year!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Im the Backwards Man.,,

Kruise's newest accomplishment is walking backwards..he just started doing this yesterday and it is tooo funny! He walks backwards reallllllly slow with a smug little grin on his face,all over the house,,i LOVE it!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

oh jeez...more poop!

this afternoon, i went in Kruise's room because I heard him crying,because he was awake from his nap..i walk in the door,and what do you know,,the kid has figured out how to change his own diaper..take his pants off and all,,greattt,,,his diaper was thrown in the floor,along with his pants,with poop in it,and he peed all over his bed as I walked in,,what a wonderful day! I guess he decided he can do it himself now,instead of telling me when he poops! I think potty trainig may just have to start soon,,he used to come to me and say "poop" when he went,but now he just pulls at the waist of his pants,,thats a sign he's ready i believe! wish me luck,,,o joy

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just a Thought,,,,,

I believe ANY man that has ever thought about cheating on his wife should watch Fatal Attraction..just my opinion! lol

Did I mention that I LOVE this Kid!?

I took Kruise to the playground Wednesday evening and got some cute pics,so I thought I would share,,,He's REALLY starting to love playing there! He threw a fit when we left! He loved trying to climb up everything and watching other kids run around,,he's such a toddler! :*)


After the park, we laid Kruise down for a little nap ,then it was time to go to my nieces,Sydney and Brianna's, birthday party at the bowling alley! Kruise got to run all over, he bowled for the first time and did awesome(he knocked all down but 2!), and eat some things he's never allowed,like french fries(thanks to daddy!),and loved that! He also discovered how to stick his finger in ketchup and lick it off,,that was cute! My nieces got a ton of presents and a really pretty cake and had a great time! I can't believe they are 4 and 8 now! where does time go!?


Saturday, October 11, 2008

I LOVE satudays!!

We had such a fun day! We got up early,had a yummy fresh family breakfast,then went to the park! My mom was in one of her moods,so we decided to get away for the day! I dressed Kruise kind of warm,because it was SUPPOSED to be in the low 70's all weekend,but no,it was almost 90 when we got to the park,so we were all hot and miserable,and didn't get to stay long,but it was fun! I ended up taking Kruise's shirt off when he was running around by the lake to help him cool off. Anyways! Kruise swang and ran all over the playground,and played in the sand, which was alot of fun,but there were a ton of kids and no shade,so we went over to where the ducks hang out! HE HAD A BLAST! He took off across the grass and chased every duck and goose in sight yelling "puppy!" it was soooo freaking funny! This child has NO FEAR!He would walk straight up to them and we would have to pull him back,I was worried he was going to get pecked or something,because some of those things are mean!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

oy! my eye!

So,Today I laid Kruise down for his normal afternoon nap,,well,an hour went by and he was having a LOT of trouble going to sleep for some reason,so I brought him in our bed,which I haven't done in FOREVER to see if maybe cuddling for a little bit would help him unwind,,He just wanted to play,so we played and giggled and i tickled him for a while,when he reared his head back really fast and nailed me right in the eye,like on the eye socket. It hurt sooooo bad, I covered my eye up and said "sonnnnnnn" and whined for a second,when i uncovered my eye and looked at kruise,he gave me a little smile,wrapped his little arms around my neck and hugged me for a good 5 minutes,,it completely melted me,it is probably the sweetest thing he's ever done,,my compassinate,loving little guy! The good news is he went to sleep shortly after that, and after how sweet he was, I felt like he deserved to go to the park so we went and played all evening :) The bad news, I have to wear 5 lbs of makeup and a hat for the next no telling how long,because I have the beginnings of a nice black eye! lol People are going to think i get beat,,which is partly true,just by my son :))

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rock of LoVe 3 ????!

So Keith was on his way to work awhile back and saw two rock of love buses (a hot pink and bright blue one) parked in front of the super trendy Indigo Hotel,,so i was thinking, maybe a new season is filming!?!?! woohooo!!

UPDATE: i just found this on google!!!

Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels is the third season of Rock of Love with Bret Michaels and was confirmed by VH1's website in a blog on July 16, 2008. This will feature 20 ladies to live on a tour bus and hit the road with Bret Michaels and compete for his attention and affection as they travel across the country and compete in many challenges, including the third popular mudbowl. It is set to air in early 2009.[1][2]

Rock of Love Bus was seen filming in Greenfield, IN on Sept 17th, 2008. Location was at a small Church in downtown Greenfield.

Rock of Love Bus was seen filming in Danville, IL on Sept 18th, 2008. Location was at the David S. Palmer Arena in Danville.

Rock of Love Bus was seen in Urbana, IL on Sept. 19th, 2008. Location was the Eastland Suites, off of Cunningham Ave. in Urbana.

Rock of Love Buses were at Hotel Indigo (West End Ave)in Nashville, TN on Sept. 26,2008 through Sept 29,2008

Rock of Love Bus was seen filming in Ft. Worth, TX on Sept 27th, 2008. Location was at Billy Bob's Texas in Ft. Worth.

Rock of Love Bus Roadie Accident on Sept 26th on I-57 in Illinois, has put the breaks on the show, according to TMZ. 2 were killed in the accident, neither victims were on the show.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wild Man Kruise,,on the loose!

*I don't know where my son has gone,,,he has officially lost his mind!! Out of nowhere,he has become an insane toddler with his own demands and is constantly pushing the limits and checking his boundaries,,this is sooo fun,,,righttt,,,for instance,in the past WEEK he has decided:

He doesnt feel like sitting in the shopping cart anymore,running everywhere is so much more fun,and when you put him back in,he SCREAMS like a banchee,and of course I can't give into him,so everyone stares at me with this look on there face like "you poor thing".

When He is about to do something he KNOWS is a no-no, he turns around and stares at you as he does it,,kind of like he's testing you..If i tell him no,he immediately throws himself in the floor and cries until he forgets what he was mad about,,if Keith's home and tells him no,he laughs and does it again,,he knows who the pushover is! lol

He decided it's great fun to hide things like leggos and my flip-flops in drawers, the toilet,the dryer,,all kinds of fun places!

He has started running,and that has been lovely! He never wants to held,he just wants to run as fast as he can everywhere he goes,,he is pretty quick too!

He has decided I am not allowed to feed him with a spoon,,he must do it himself,even if that means a nose full of sweet potatoes...

*But,on a lighter side,he has started doing some amazingly adorable things,as well, to make up for his mischief!

We had carpet cleaners come today, and one of the guys was sitting at our table writing out the receipt, Kruise ran up to him and grabbed his pants leg and said HI,,then ran off got his favorite book and handed it to him,,then carried his elmo chair in there and gave him that too,,,it was adorable,,everytime someone would come in from outside he would yell "HI" and then "BYE BYE" when they left,,he's learning manners! woohoo!

I got him this farm animal book that has these puzzle pieces with knobs that he can pick up,and I'll take them all out,and ask him where is the puppy? the pig? the duck? and he'll pick up the correct ones and drop them where they go (or at least close!) lol,,he's so smart!

Today I asked if he wanted to go outside and see the puppies,and he said "mmhmm" and ran to the door and tried to turn the doorknob,,it was sooo cute! we went outside and he giggled while the dogs licked his hand and said "puppy!" over and over,, love it

If you ask him if he's hungry, instead of yes he says "MMMMMmm" and if he wants a drink he asks for his "boppy" ,, no idea where that came from!

He likes to pick up legos,books,whatever and walk around the house with it up to his ear and "talk" like he's on the phone

He blows kisses to pretty ladies :)

He plays peek-a-boo with his hands over his eyes,and will cover up your eyes and play too!

There's a million other awesome things he does everyday,but there's only so much time in a day!!

8 months DOWN!

Today was my 32 weeks Ob appt (even though im 33 weeks!) and everything is GREAT! i gained 3 lbs this month,so im at 11 lbs now! Noah has grown 3 cm's this month too!! His heart rate was in the 130 range which is great! I had some pretty bad cramping last night,all night,and thought i was for sure going into labor,but by this morning,it stopped,,i talked to Dr.Draughn about it,and he said it was nothing to worry about , as long as Noah is still moving around and im not bleeding,so that made me feel better! he needs to stay in there a lil longer! Next appt, I start getting "checked",,ughh,,i hate that part! i think keith should have to get "checked" everytime i do,,lol,,My doc said he will tell me "my future" next appt,so that should be interesting!! I'll update ya'll in 3 weeks!! woohooo!

8 things

8 Things
8 Favorite TV Shows:
1. Project Runway
2. House
3. Law and Order (all of them)
4. America's Next Top Model
5. Moving Up
6. Sex and the City (I don't care if they are reruns, I still love it!)
7. Barefoot Contessa
8. My big redneck wedding,,lol

8 Favorite Restaurants: no particular order
1. Maggianos
2. P.F. Chang
3. Wolfgang Puck
4. Goten
5. Fulin
6. Casa Vieja
7. The Coffee Station ( i sooo miss that place)
8. Charley's!

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:
1. Went to my ob appt
2. saw 8 million cops downtown,for the debates,,mccain was here yesterday,obama today
3. watched people clean our carpet
4. cooked lunch
5. took a longgggg nap
6. waited for the satellite guy to show up
7. gave kruise a bath and conditioned his hair with this new stuff i got
8. ate a yummy dinner that my hubby made!! wow!

8 Things I Look Forward To:
1. the pumpkin patch this sunday!
2. things being "settled" and normal
3. going to the zoo for Ghouls at Grassmere next weekend
4. watching my family grow
5. taking Kruise to "my gym" on thursday
6. Christmas time
7. seeing braden
8. stability and moving

8 Things I Love About FALL
1. Cooler Weather
2. pumpkins and scarecrows
3. caramel apple cider at starbucks
4. cozy warm clothes
5. Thanksgiving
6. watching leaves change.
7. getting to use the fireplace!
8. kruise's cute fall wardrobe!

8 Things On My Wish list:
1. to move! asap!
2. get caught up,,no ahead,,,on our finances!
3. clean out the garage and cabinets
4. to get my old old body back after noah fast!
5. get my nursing degree
6. more dates with hubby
7. to spend time with good friends
8. get my hair and eyebrows done before noah!

8 People I tag:

Sunday, October 5, 2008

5 more weeks??!

I just realized I could quite possibly have Noah in the next five weeks or less,,yes,I'm right at 33 weeks,but if he's anything like Kruise,he will be here at least 2 weeks early,which will give me a month and a week,,so now i'm stressing out!! I still feel so unprepared and unorganized, and it's making me insane!! I wish we could just move and be settled already!! sheesh! I have my 8 month doc appt tuesday,so I should find out if anything is "progressing" which,I have a feeling,is, for some reason! Wish me Luck!! ahhhh!


Today was one of the best days I've had probably in my life,,,A day when I felt so special, loved,cherished,appreciated,and supported,,It was amazing,,,Here's the low-down,,Hubby tells me last week,that our great friends, Thomas and Kristi, had invited us to dinner this Saturday,and I was sooo excited to go,because we haven't seen them in so long! We went shopping yesterday for Kruise a few warm fall things,and hubby insists I let him buy me this adorable little black maternity dress,,I kept telling him no,that we didn't need to spend that kind of money on something I can wear for another month,especially when there's things Kruise needs,,He bought it anyways,with my disapproval,and told me I should wear it to Thomas and Kristi's,,we argued forever about me thinking it was too dressy for an early dinner and playing with our babies,but Keith won,and I wore it,,,I'm Glad I Did! We leave Saturday evening and head to Thomas and Kristi's,,We pull in the driveway and I notice a single yellow balloon on the mailbox,,i asked Keith "why do u think that's there?" he says "I dunno,,,weird" and I didn't think anything else of it,,We walk in and I see my mother in law and niece sitting at a table with Kristi's mom,,I looked at her for a sec.and thought "did keith tell me that they invited his mom? " i said hi to her and hugged them both, looked over my shoulder and saw my best friend in the universe,that I dont get to see nearly enough, standing by a window,,thats when it clicked,,I hugged her and cried my little hormonal eyes out,,she drove all the way from Chattanooga from school to come to my baby shower,,,i couldn't get over it,,I was grinning like the kool-aid man!! lol..A little while later,after I "composed" myself, we all helped ourselves to a gorgeous little feast my dear friend Kristi prepared,,it was delicious! Then we played a little game,where everyone ripped a piece of streamer as close as they could to how far around my belly was,,Thomas and my mother in law,Jamie, tied! Some of the "guesses" were pretty funny! Thomas was so close because when he stuck his belly out and wrapped the streamer around,we were the same size,,lol..After that, the men took the babies out to play,which Kruise loved,he ran back and forth all over their big yard and played until he smelled like sweat,dirt,and grass,,just like a little boy should! He passed out shortly after we pulled out of the driveway! While they did that, we opened presents! I got sooo many wonderful and adorable things! Noah got tons of clothes,diapers,another carseat,wash cloths,a cute lil diaper bag dispenser,and I dont know what all else..just a TON of stuff! We all sat around and talked awhile,before bringing the night to an end,,I was so touched that my hubby worked hard on this big secret the past couple months, working so hard to get it just right for me,,I didnt get a shower with Kruise,so he wanted me to have one with Noah,,I love that man so insanely much,,,At first, I was kind of sad when he told me on the way home, all the other people he invited that were "coming" and how he had invited my family,which "couldn't" go at the last minute,with excuses like "i didnt have a present",but, all in all, you find out who loves you inside and out( not saying my family doesnt, I just really wish they were more involved with me ), who will drive 4 hours for you,and who wouldn't go five minutes,and who would selflessy go out of their way to make you feel important at times like these,,I have been thanking God all day for my blessings and the people on this earth I can call my friends,family,and the people I love!