Friday, February 13, 2009

my dad

my sister called me last night and told me my dad "suddenly and painlessly" lost 1/3 of the vision in his right eye,,its like he sees a black blob and everything else is fuzzy..i immediately researched it online,and all signs pointed to a mini-stroke,,i was upset,,i cried,,i was up all night worrying about my dad,,he lives 8 hours away from both of us,and is all alone ,and not the youngest man around either,,honestly,im scared he'll die all alone in his house,with just his dog as a witness,,i desperately wished my mom hadn't moved us off from him so long ago,but then i wouldnt have keith or my beautiful boys,,i sometimes think about moving back there,,well,the good news is,he called my sis after he went to the doc today,and found out he hasnt had a stroke,he said as u get older sometimes the "gel" in ur eye seperates from your retina,so his retina is still intact,which is good,,they said that his vision should hopefully get a little better as it "settles" but it is just something he'll have to grow accustom to,which is the sucky part,,my dad is active,he loves to run around,,he's almost 65 and bought himself a scooter to run around on last summer,,he said he prob wont be able to ride it anymore :( i hope a miracle happens and he's able to keep on living like he always has,,i guess this just shook me up,to see how fragile life is,it made me think things can and will happen to ur parents,,they're not as strong as u might build them to be,,my dad is still a superhero in my eyes,,

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