Tuesday, December 16, 2008

where do they get this stuff!?

the other day Kruise was sitting on the couch with me (which is very rare for him to sit at all,but it was one of those days) and he crawled over to me,pulled up my shirt and blew a raspberry,,he laughed histerically,then laid down and pulled his shirt up,so i blew a raspberry on his tummy,too,,we did that back and forth for prob 45 minutes cracking up the whole time,,he's such a funny little guy! then he crawls down in the floor,and blows a raspberry on Noah's cheek,,i love my boys!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

breakfast for 2

the glamorous life of a stay at home mom..

AHH,,get him away!!

so we took Kruise to get his picture taken with Santa this weekend at Bass Pro Shop (they have this fun santa's workshop thing) ,and he was not happy about it! I stayed with Noah while Keith took him up to sit in his lap..he screamed as soon as santa got near him! the old man was so nice and patient with him,but he still wasn't having it! We ended up,sitting him in his lap,santa rang this bell thing he had on his shoulder,which got his attention,and gave them enough time to get a picture of him not freaking out (as much) before we had to pick him up,so we got our picture and hopefully no permanent damage was done!! :)